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Bill Watts is an avid outdoor enthusiast and experienced, but self-proclaimed "average" runner. 

Born in a small town in northwest Nebraska, he was involved in high school sports.  He played football, baseball, and was on the wrestling and track teams but admits he absolutely hated running at that time. 25 years later, he entered his first 10k race and has since entered over 300 races,  from 5k street races all the way up to 50k trail races.  He's raced in over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons in the past 15 years and estimates that he's logged about 70,000 miles in that time.

Watts works in the Information Technology business as a Systems Engineer and resides in Colorado.

WattsRunning was created to provide self-motivation and enduring health for people of all ages through correct fitness, exercise and diet.


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Bill Watts

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